ABCs of a Manicure at Home

Do you wish your hands to look as beautiful as you? Unfortunately, it is not the skin that you need to think about rather you have to think about your nails too. As the nails are appendages of skin, you should take proper care of them. How? By doing Manicure. Yes, it offers relaxation. What is this exactly? Yes, this is nothing but is the treatment that is good for maintaining healthy skins and nails. How to do this? The following points will offer you the basic steps of carrying out manicure at Home.

Step 1: First of all remove the existing nail polish and try to examine the color of your nail whether it is white, yellow or any color. Remember, your nail should appear pink. If your nail appears blue, then it is sure that your nails lack proper blood circulation. 

Step 2: Give a proper shape to your nails. There are various trends of nail shapes. So, try providing round, square, almond or pointed shape to your nails to make it look wow.

Step 3: Apply cuticle remover and push the cuticle slightly back so that your nails will look a bit larger. And then soak your hand in water for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Remove your hand from the water and again push back the cuticles. Cut the excess skin and the nails that are hanging. There are people who cut their cuticles, but remember it is wise not to cut your cuticles. It is because cuticles are soft skins and if you cut them there is a high chance of entering of harmful microorganisms that may cause infection. Therefore, cutting of the cuticles is usually not necessary unless they grow in excess.

Step 5: Rub the nail. Apply some oil and hand lotion to it. Give a proper massage into your hand and remove all the dirt’s from your hand (use a nail brush and remove excess dusts).

Step 6: Now it’s time to apply nail paints in your nail. But before applying nail paints, make sure to apply nail antiseptic to your nail plates with a saturated cotton so that the nail polish on your nails can last longer.

 Step 7: Now select a color of your choice. First add a single layer to your nails, then second layer and then finish it with a top coat. Again add some cuticle oil after the nail paint gets dry to prevent smudging.

 So, beauties you are now ready with a proper manicure that completely looks as if you went to a nail spa!!