How do you take care of nail polish?

Just like any other accessory we collect, nail polishes require some tender loving care.  The nail polishes of your choice, which you have bagged in, spending time and money is worth the effort of caring for them.

There are just a few things to remember when taking care of your favorite hues.  The first and most important thing is selecting correct nail polishes; to check the chemical compositions so that it doesn’t get thicken in a short while and spoil your mood. For this, one needs to be aware of the quality of the nail polish, date of manufacture and obviously the hallmark to ensure the originality of the product.

Secondly, after purchasing the right product if it gets thicken due to improper handling or storage, nail polish thinner is recommended for thinning it and not the remover. Do not use nail polish remover.  It tends to change color of the nail polishes and also the texture of it.

Other things to remember include:  

  • Keep the cap completely closed when you are not using the polish.  By leaving it open even slightly for extended periods of time, the polish could potentially dry out.

  • Periodically, clean the threads of the bottle removing any polish.  This can be done by using a cotton swab dampened with polish remover or thinner.

  • Always, store your polishes in a dark cool place.

So, be a wise individual and get the right choice and do adopt the right technique for long life of your nail polish.