Cruelty Free Nail Polish

Hues play a vital role in our day-to-day lives, no matter it be the dress we change every day or the vegan nail polish we wear every now and then matching with the dress. From the retro golden and silver to the contemporary red and black, demands and choices are overwhelming. Decorating our nails with the color of our choice enlivens our mood and expounds one’s personality too. Every individual has different taste of colors (bright, soothing, sober, funky), textures (glossy/frozen/matte) and thus prefer to go for the brand that manufactures varieties that suit for every occasion.

On the top of everything, health is kept at the foremost concerned when cruelty-free nail polishes are chosen by the smart and efficient women nowadays. Aside from long-lasting, fascinating shades people prefer nail polish that is free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Toluene, Tosylamide, Paraben, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylmide, Lead, Gluten, Triphenyl Phospate, commercially named as 5 free, 7 free, 8 free, 9 free, 10 free nail polish. No one would like to compromise their health with mere cosmetics and thus will opt for the best.

A well-known quote, ‘Health is wealth,” explains everything when it comes to choose any cosmetics. Thousand of brands are popping up in market manufacturing uncountable nail paints, many of which used health-threatening chemicals just to meet the demands of the ever-growing population. The chemicals used for adhesion, flexibility, gloss etc. take its toll from the users by causing allergy, asthma, cancer, nervous breakdown and even reproductive problems (Dr. Thu Quach, Standford Univ.).

In New York Times, May 8, 2015 many cases were reported regarding the health deterioration by using nail paints, Ms. Otavalo, a 39-year-old Ecuadorean immigrant suffered from infertility, Monica A. Rocano (30) has nervous breakdown- son, Ms. Rocano went through miscarriage. Many of them who worked in nail salon have got sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease in lungs. After keen studies in this issue F.D.A. have announced for the use of 3 free, 5 free nail polish which are less toxic to human health and to the environment. There are few points to be remembered while choosing nail paints/ polishes:

  • Whether the brand you are choosing is 5- free, 7-free, 8-free, 9-free, 10-free one?

  • Is your color of choice is fulfilled by that brand?

  • Is the product of that particular brand eco-friendly/ organic?

  • What will be the impact of the product to your health and your family?

So be smart with your choice and own the best for you and your love ones. If you are looking forward for the glamorous, cruelty-free nail polish that is vegan friendly, organic and long lasting nail polishes check out are latest hues Void Beauty.