Best way to remove nail polish

In this summer, you may be wishing to run for a fresh manicure. However, when it comes to the removal of nail polish from your nails, the process becomes quite hectic. But today there are a number of nail removers available in the market. So, let’s discuss something about those removers and how they work.

Basically, there are two types of removers-acetone and non acetone. Both of them comprise of solvents that dissolves the hard film that is left on the upper layer of your nails due to the presence of ingredients of the nail polish.

Acetone Polish Remover

Acetone is a very powerful solvent and removes nail paints in a quick manner. This remover is best to use infrequently and for them who mostly apply dark color nail paints in their nails. Women having dry and splitting nails should avoid using this remover as it makes your skin and nails more dry.

Non Acetone Polish Remover

It makes the use of less aggressive solvents such as ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and propylene carbonate. It is also comprised of moisturizing agents such as glycerin, panthenol, etc and due to the presence of these ingredients it does not make your skin dry. These removers can be used frequently and mostly used for light color nail polishes. Women with sensitive skin can use this remover. No doubt, this remover removes nail paints, but it takes more time in comparison to acetone polish remover to take off the old polish.

Apart from these two nail polish remover, you can find another remover i.e. soy nail polish remover. Free from toxic ingredients and 100% organic, this is a powerful solvent that can remove the nail paints, cleans the nail beds and cuticles of the nails. These removers are available in a wide range of versions and the most important thing to know about these removers is that they are natural and made with oil and as a result of this they moisturize the nails and cuticles.

So, why to worry about removing nail paints? Choose from a large range of nail polish removers, remove the nail polish and have a freshly painted nails.